Have You Heard The Wondrous Message?

One of my favorite hymns in Spanish is “¿Has oído el mensaje?” (#171 in the Himnario Adventista). I found an English translation on YouTube in which the first verse and chorus were very good, but the translation of the rest of the stanzas was quite rough. The following is my attempt to create a more polished translation, with rhyme and rhythm matching the Spanish melody:

Have you heard the wondrous message of the coming of the Lord?
He will call His faithful to the other shore.
If your lamp is trimmed and burning when the midnight trumpet sounds,
He will take you to His home forevermore.

He is coming! He’s coming! Behold!
The glorious event long foretold.
Pearly gates will open wide for the saved and glorified,
Who will find a beauteous Eden now restored.
In triumphant song uniting with the happy angel throng
They will dwell secure forever with the Lord.

As we ascend up to heaven with the angels clothed in light,
Separated loved ones join with us once more.
There won’t ever be a parting in that city fair and bright
Because there we’ll dwell forever with the Lord.

Then we’ll visit other worlds where beings never fell in sin
And we’ll talk about Christ Jesus and His love.
How He came to earth to reach us and became our next of kin,
Just to save and bring us home to God above.

One by one the ages pass till we stop counting every year,
Yet our youth and vigor never shall subside.
Always learning, serving, resting with no sorrow, with no fear,
Because there with Jesus ever we’ll abide.

By Theodore Brown

Software developer and open source contributor from Minnesota. Interested in education, astronomy, and the future of programming.